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The built environment touches all aspects of our lives as it is where we live, work and play.


IBDC 2023 hopes to provide a platform for students to learn and apply their knowledge on the three key areas identified under the Built Environment Industry Transformation Map. The three areas are:


  1. Integrated Planning and Design (IPD)

  2. Sustainable Urban System (SUS)

  3. Advanced Manufacturing & Assembly (AMA)


The IBDC challenges the participants to address the above 3 areas to come up with innovative, sustainable and in-demand proposal that is holistic and resilient. It also aims to promote a better understanding and appreciation of technologies like Computational Building Information Modelling (BIM) as students are required to apply visual programming and/or programming setup with BIM in their proposal. 


The IBDC 2023 is open to all full-time local and international students from tertiary institutions in their respective countries. Form a team of 3 to 8 members to participate! Multi-disciplinary teams comprising members from a mix of disciplines are encouraged.

For clarifications and enquiries, email us:

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