Isovist Spatial Analysis Workshop / Demo

01 July 2021 Thursday 6.00 - 7.00 pm SGT

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Our workshop will introduce the ‘Isovist_App’; a free multi-platform software tool, designed to help architects, designers and researchers to better understand spatial structures and how people might respond to them. 

The Isovist_App uses the geometric spatial unit called the ‘isovist’, defined as the finite volume of space that is visible at any given point at which a perceiver might exist. It provides an alternative stochastic basis for the study of locally experiential and globally syntactic spatial configurations. It does not require the production and computationally expensive analysis of an overall ‘spatial graph’. 

As a result, the Isovist_App can match the standard space syntax metrics as produced by DepthMap X, including integration; but can do so at very high resolutions in a fraction of the time normally required to produce traditional visibility graph analysis (VGA).

Attendees will be shown how to install and operate the software to a basic level. The session will include discussion and demonstration of:

- the basic principles and metrics associated with the unit of the isovist; including different spatial types, isovist parameters and limits;

- how to import and edit properly scaled plans for analysis; including different material classifications;

- how to derive metric values from isovist point and path analysis;

- how to conduct isovist field ‘scan’ analysis, including high speed, high definition integration analysis.